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Medicine from the earth, for the earth

During every step of our process, care, attention, and quality are paramount.

Cannabis Flower

The original way the plant was used, dried and cured flower!

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Vape Cartridges

Prefer a more discreet option to the original? Check out our selection of cartridges from around the state.

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Enjoy the delectable edibles we have in store for you!

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Pre-Rolls are great for on the go or sharing with your friends.

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With higher counts of cannabinoids and terpenes, concentrates are the way to go.

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Giving back is what really counts

the global indigenous fund

If we work together with the planet and each other, we can have a positive impact on the sustainability, health and wellness of all. We are honored to provide a bridge between our community and the indigenous people of Vermont, across the nation and around the world.

Tipi's in Winter

What the terp?

Cannabis education and beyond

With the advancement of science, more is being learned about the cannabis plant than ever before. Check out our education area to learn the basics, or dig deeper.

Nurturing and effort in every step

our holistic product offering

In person or online, we hope to extend knowledge to our customers with the best possible products, education and resources.

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