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Cannabis Education with No Intimidation

Magic Mann is dedicated to ensuring your Cannabis experience is informative and specific to your needs and wants.   Our Motto here is Cannabis Education- No intimidation With a 30-year foundation in Cannabis you can trust us to guide and educate you. Holding multiple Cannabis ...

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Lesser Known Cannabinoids

Continue to check this blog post as we add more cannabinoids! CBG One of the lesser-known cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG). CBG is a non-psychoactive compound found in low concentrations in...

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Our First 4/20 Celebration

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that stopped by the store to pick up some fun items to celebrate 4/20 with your friends and family. We had...

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Cannabis Words Defined

S2 long – Slang name for a cannabis cigarette.[1] [See joint.] 420 – Slang term for the consumption of cannabis 710 – A slang name for hash oil, the word OIL flipped upside-down.[2] [See cannabis edibles and extracts.]...

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What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the organic compounds in cannabis and other plants that give the plant it’s unique scent. Cannabis and other aromatic plants produce Terpenes and Terpenoids for many different reasons...

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Cannabis 101

The cannabis plant has historically shown its usefulness over the ages. Through the evolution of humanity, it has remained a plant that is both represented and utilized across many cultures...

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Ways to Shop

We want to make sure our consumers get to enjoy our products by providing multiple avenues for shopping. You must be 21 and older in order to enter and purchase...

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