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Dispensary Etiquette & FAQ

We are a recreational/adult-use dispensary, meaning anyone over the age of 21 with a valid, government-issued ID can shop in our store. When arriving, have your ID ready to hand to security for verification. Check out our menu & budbar before coming to a register; ...

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Lesser Known Cannabinoids

Whenever a harvested lot of cannabis is packaged, samples are sent to a licensed lab for analysis. In addition to the two main cannabinoids – THC and CBD – the full...

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Our First 4/20 Celebration

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that stopped by the store to pick up some fun items to celebrate 4/20 with your friends and family. The store...

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Cannabis Words Defined

S2 long – Slang name for a cannabis cigarette.[1] [See joint.] 420 – Slang term for the consumption of cannabis 710 – A slang name for hash oil, the word OIL flipped upside-down.[2] [See cannabis edibles and extracts.]...

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Delivery Methods of Cannabis

The cannabis plant has been incredibly useful throughout history, with various cultures recognizing and harnessing its healing and transformative properties. At Magic Mann, we’re proud to share our knowledge of...

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Cannabis Myths Debunked

When seeking a relaxing evening at home, do you lean towards cannabis or alcohol? Individuals dealing with chronic pain often face the decision between prescription painkillers and cannabis. Within the...

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Mental Illness in relation to Cannabis

As Cannabis is still classified as a schedule 1 drug, it means that it has no medicinal value in the eyes of the government and therefore doesn’t need to undergo...

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