The cannabis plant has historically shown its usefulness over the ages. Through the evolution of humanity, it has remained a plant that is both represented and utilized across many cultures as both a healing and transformative tool for the body. At Magic Mann, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Cannabis and how it might work best to benefit your unique situation.

Methods of Use

The plant is used in 5 main delivery methods, it can be inhaled or ingested, used sublingually or applied topically or with a trans-dermal patch. Some other less used delivery methods of the plant are suppositories, intra-nasal use, eye drops and inhalers.


  • Most common use
  • Consuming the raw plant in dried flower form, a full “nug” or ground, either
    • rolled into a joint
    • packed into a bowl
    • put into a vaping device


  • Where the plant is processed from dried flower into an edible product, such as;
    • chocolate
    • cookies
    • gummies
  • Once consumed by chewing the edible enters the digestion track where it goes into action


  • Where the plant is processed from dried flower into a dissolvable product, such as;
    • tinctures
    • hard candies
  • Through the use of the salivary glands, by either drinking or holding the candy in your mouth, the cannabinoids are transfer into the bodies endocannabinoid system



  • Where the plant is processed from dried flower into a skin application of some variety, such as;
    • salves
    • lotions
  • This system of delivery allows for the ability to apply the cannabis to a specific area of the body for direct aid


  • Where the plant is processed from dried flower into a long-lasting skin application, typically time released by being a patch


Additional Basics

We are here to guide and educate you on what, when, why and how to safely and confidently choose the best delivery method for you. The cannabis plant has two main cannabinoids that people pay attention to THC and CBD, but there are currently 113 cannabinoids that have been isolated within this plant.

Here at Magic Mann, we aim to focus on the cannabinoids, terpenes and their effects from the plant rather than which common “types” or “groupings” of Cannabis they may be a part of. As these terms are known across the decades, we still want you to understand what they mean.

– Indica – Provides a more relaxing effect and a body high for most people
– Sativa – Provides a more uplifting effect and a “heady” high or more brain stimulated high
– Hybrid – Provides a variable number of effects which are dependent on the cultivar’s combinations

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