Your Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

At Magic Mann, we want to ensure you receive the best possible educational information. We hope that this guide to cannabis concentrates will help you learn the differences between all of them!

What Are Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are similar to the orange juice concentrate you may have in your freezer – the concentrated product of extracting the most desirable parts of the plant. They contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis flowers while being free of excess plant materials.

What is Shatter, butter/budder, wax, sugar, sauce, and crumble…?

All of these terms are reflecting on the consistencies of the cannabis concentrate extract itself. Certain chemovars of cannabis can exemplify different structural consistency. Certain extraction methods and post-processing techniques are more suitable for making some of these concentrates but these extracts can be made in multiple ways. One thing is true these products are much more potent by volume than cannabis flower. Cannabis concentrates contain anywhere from 60 percent to more than 90 percent THC, while cannabis flower typically contains anywhere from less than 10 to more than 30 percent THC. This means that if you haven’t used concentrates before, it’s important to start with a very small amount! Read below to learn more about each specific concentrate and how they are made.


Dry Sift Hash

Hash Rosin



Live Rosin

Bubble Hash


Live Resin


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