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Honoring Our Roots

At Magic Mann, our mission is to bring awareness to the needs of the local and global indigenous groups and their needs.

Magic Mann Indigenous Fund, in partnership with the Pennywise Foundation, and chief Don StevensChief of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk – Abenaki Nation are honored to present our latest and most local fundraising campaign to date, to help improve natural resources, food sustainability and agriculture to the Abenaki People. The Abenaki like other indigenous tribes are under funded and disproportionately effected by health issues and poverty.

Full Circle

What has MMGIF done to date?

NOVEMBER 2020 – We raised $1500 to purchase a portable commercial UV Light Sanitizer for Totsoh Trading Post. The hub of the community for Lukaichukai Arizona, and surrounding Communities.

DECEMBER 2020 – 5% of web profits was donated to MMGIF by Magic Mann LLC, to be allocated to the help feed and fund resources for Mohawk Akwesasne Youth in Northern NY and Canada.

2021 – Abenaki, Food and Education Drive to help provide healthy food options and Educate Vermonters about their indigenous neighbors.

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