Giving Back

There is no Can't in Cannabis

We as a cannabis business want to bring awareness to the land upon which Vermont’s Craft Cannabis is grown and its stewardship throughout time. In acknowledging and honoring those who cared for and farmed the lands of Vermont before we did, we have the opportunity to give back, educate and raise awareness to help better the land of Vermont. We are here to show unified support and appreciation for the Indigenous Communities and the land that has been taken from them.



Our mission is to raise awareness about the issues confronting indigenous communities and to partner with them in developing strategies to address their needs. We are working to build relationships that connect indigenous groups with business and nonprofit organizations that can help generate and leverage critical resources. We are honored to provide a bridge between our community and the indigenous people of Vermont, this nation and hopefully the world. We believe knowledge is power and if we work together, we can have a positive impact on the sustainability, health and wellness of Indigenous Communities.

How Can You Help

Wanting to help out but don't know how?

Donate Directly to the Fund
Donations can be sent directly to the fund by clicking here

Donate Your Extra Cash, Loose Change + Tips In-Store
Use your change for good at your checkout at our registers in Essex Junction

Donate During Check Out in Our Online Store
A donation can be added as an item to your online check-out

Purchase Artwork from Jon Young In-Store
100% of the proceeds will go directly to the fund

Purchase Crystal Earrings from Melissa Mitchell In-Store
100% of the proceeds will go directly to the fund

Purchase Photographs from Brian Drourr Photography In-Store
25% of proceeds will go directly to the fund

Full Circle

What has MMGIF done to date?

NOVEMBER 2020 – We raised $1500 to purchase a portable commercial UV Light Sanitizer for Totsoh Trading Post. The hub of the community for Lukaichukai Arizona, and surrounding Communities.

DECEMBER 2020 – 5% of web profits was donated to MMGIF by Magic Mann LLC, to be allocated to the help feed and fund resources for Mohawk Akwesasne Youth in Northern NY and Canada.

2021 – Abenaki, Food and Education Drive to help provide healthy food options and Educate Vermonters about their indigenous neighbors.

SEPTEMBER 2022 – The Global Indigenous Fund created by Magic Mann created their first Global Indigenous Grant. A grant funded by members of the Vermont Cannabis Business Industry in hopes of providing the starting cornerstones for an Indigenous Community Member to join the Cannabis Community. In conjunction with the Pennywise Foundation, we look forward to the next step in the grant giving process and hope that we can return some of what was taken from them, back to the Indigenous Communities of our state and others in the United States.


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